iPanda 4-Port USB 2.0 AC Wall Charger

Plug and Share iPanda 4-Port USB Wall Charger

iPanda 4-Port USB 2.0 AC Wall Charger

iPanda 4-Port USB 2.0 AC Wall Charger

You know the deal. You’re at school or work and there is never any outlet available for you to charge your phone or tablet. Or you are at an airport with your family and everybody wants to charge their phones but the charging stations are filled.  We’ve been there too. Thats why we came up with the best invention since bottled water. Our iPanda 4-Port  USB Wall Charger will allow you and your friends/family to charge your devices simultaneously without the need of extra frivolous adapters. Just plug it in the wall and now you have 4 charging ports in one! Carry it with you or leave it plugged in the living room to make sure you can plug and charge anywhere at anytime. Oh, and did we mention it’s only $9?! Yeah, amazing we know. Now go get one before they run out!


Summer 15′: The Summer of The Selfie Stick!

But First… Let Me Take a Selfie!

selfie-stickWe here at iPanda know exactly what’s in and what’s out at all times. We only offer products that are in and trendy but still usable all year round. The number one thing on our list right now for summer 15′ are selfie sticks! Not only are they awesome for capturing those beautiful moments of fun under the sun, they are amazing at taking panoramic pictures so nobody ends up left out. Don’t you hate when you’re the one that ends up being the group photographer? The iPanda Plug N’ Snap Selfie Stick will completely solve this problem. You can even plug in your tablet! Now is the time to stop stretching your arms out to their breaking point, trying to get a good quality scenic picture, and invest (if $10 even counts as an investment) in our selfie stick! A picture is worth 1000 words but with our selfie stick it will be worth 1,000,000!

Bluetooth. Wireless. Headphones. ‘Nuff Said!

iPanda Toons Headsets

Hey you there? What are you doing?! Are you living your life to the fullest and taking advantage of every minute? Doesn’t seem like it to me! While you’re holding your phone to your ear with one hand and cooking with the other, I’ll be over here using one hand to cook so I can have one hand free to hold the recipe book and still talking on the phone with nobody hearing my call. How is that possible you ask? Isn’t it dangerous to cook with a dangling wire from your headphones near the stove? Well my answer to you is, I haven’t worried about dangling wires in a while. I use my iPanda Toons all day everyday without taking any risks.


iPanda Toons Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The iPanda Toons and Toons 2 are specially designed for the busy bee, the rocker-at-heart, and everyone in between. They sit comfortably behind your neck and feature in-ear headphones that you can insert into your ears as you please. They vibrate when you are receiving a call and even allow you to take it or reject it with the push of a button. This gives you the freedom of having to hold your phone in your hand or pull it out each time you get a call.


iPanda Toons 2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The Toons are also great for listening to music. They have crisp clear quality sound that lets you sit back and enjoy your tunes. They are also great for working out! Just let them sit around your neck and go as crazy as you want.

So, now that you know what you’e missing out on, don’t be out of the loop for another minute! Go buy these affordable headsets now on our site at ipandaelectronics.com!

Power to The People!

How many people do you know of who own smartphones? Now how many of them are satisfied with their battery life? Nowadays, if a stranger is approaching me, it is almost never to socialize, like humans should be doing. It is to ask for a charger for their phones, whether it be in work, school, or any social event. Why is everyone still depending on the conventional outlet charger when there is an amazing alternative on the market that can solve everyones problems? facebooksideview

Portable chargers are the new thing that are here to stay. From small ones that fit in your pocket to heavy-duty ones that can charge your phone entirely more than once, it’s a wonder why people are still even using regular chargers when out of their homes. It’s simple and powerful. All you have to do is charge the portable charger, just as you would your phone, and then plug your phone into it when its low on juice. Some Portable chargers, like our Credit Card Sized Powerbank, even come with the necessary USB cable attached. This even eliminates the need to carry around a cable! After you plug it in, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the power. Whether you have a long flight or drive ahead of you, you are going shopping, or know you will not be by an outlet long enough, portable chargers are your answer sent from heaven. Buy one today at www.ipandaelectronics.com and return the power to the people!

Innovative, accommodative, powerful. We are taking your everyday watch to a whole new level!

We here at iPanda know your needs. We strive to create exemplary products which you will be able to make use of everyday. Some of our products solve certain problems you tend to experience during your day-to-day. This is not one of those products.

iPanda SmartWatch 2 in black and gold

iPanda SmartWatch 2 in black and gold

The iPanda SmartWatch 2 will have a drastic effect on your overall day and will bump up your productivity level significantly.The iPanda SmartWatch 2 will let you access your Android smartphone without taking it out of your pocket. You can even leave your smartphone in a room and still access it from 30 ft away through the watch. This special watch puts all of your favorite phone features right there on your wrist. This not only saves you the time of pulling out your phone (which you almost always forget which pocket you put it in, resulting in the need of a pat-down each time), but it gives you the mobility you always needed. Locket, an app for Android’s which tracks the amount of times a day you unlock your phone, has found that an average person pulls out and unlocks their phone about 110 times a day! Just imagine how much time you can save if the features you needed most were accessible right on your wrist all day. You can place and answer calls, look at notifications, and count and track your steps.

Another great thing that differentiates our watch from other affordable smartwatches is the fact that we took it upon ourselves to make them accommodate the needs of our customers. No more Chinese manuals, glitchy apps, or difficult instructions. Connecting your Android to the watch through our app named “iPanda SmartWatch 2” on the Google PlayStore is a breeze. We even have a tutorial on YouTube for those who like a more visual approach. Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3 and you will realize how valuable this product is to your life in minutes.

This watch is ideal for the stylish techie who is looking for the perfect way to quickly message and socialize even when they stepped away from their phones. There are so many amazing features on this watch, you are going to wonder how you have lived without it all your life.

Comfort and Support are Key to Your Day-to-Day, So Do it Correctly

Picture this, you’re running your errands with your shopping bags in both hands and your phone cradled to your neck. By the time you get to your car, your neck is in pain and you threw in all your groceries out of frustration, leaving them scattered all over the car. Or you’re working out and the headphones keep popping out of your ears, requiring you to reinsert them every other minute. Or you know those days where your phone just keeps ringing every few minutes with an endless amount of phone calls. Isn’t it annoying pulling out your phone so often? We here at iPanda have come up with the perfect solution for these everyday problems along with thousands of other problems that might occur.

Comfort When You Need It

Headphones nowadays are basically all the same. You stick them in, use them for an half an hour or so, and then the unbearable pain they cause starts to kick in. It feels like something is jammed deep into your ear trying to get as far as it possibly can. This isn’t only uncomfortable, it is also detrimental towards your hearing. Research done by the American- Speech- Language- Hearing Association shows that “an estimated 12.5% of children and adolescents aged 6–19 years (approximately 5.2 million) and 17% of adults aged 20–69 years (approximately 26 million) have suffered permanent damage to their hearing from excessive exposure to headphone usage.”


We here at iPanda have come up with the perfect solution. Our iPanda Budz Bluetooth Headset is the revolutionary new headphones of this generation. Not only do they fit perfectly in every ear, sitting just right in your ear canal and not going too far in, they also give you optimal amount of comfort. They come with a small ear support that hooks onto the anti-helix of your ear and tucks under it. This added support prevents the headphones from falling out, no matter how “crazy fast” you’re running or how long you’ve been cleaning the house to perfection.


These Budz connect to any Bluetooth device and can be used within a 30 ft budz with modelrange from this device. They are comprised of two headset pieces connected by a tangle-free flatwire. All you do is put them in your ear, letting the wear sit around the back of your neck, and take the day by storm. Are you ready to amp up your productivity and be the better you that you have been striving for? If so, your search is over. These headphones are the answer to your problems.

Bluetooth Speakers and Headsets – Experience Wire Free Living

Everyone has their own taste in music. Whether it be rock, oldies or pop music, people like to listen to music in style. Bluetooth has taken listening to music to new heights, and iPanda Electronics can supply you with the best Bluetooth speakers. We are committed to offering quality products that you want to use, for reasonable prices.

Music When You Want It

Our iPanda Bluetooth Speaker will allow you to stream music whenever you feel like Listen to music with Bluetooth Speakers and Headsetslistening to some good tunes. It also has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a FM radio. You can choose from a variety of colors, and you will be able to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, you will be able to use your flash drive on the built-in USB/SD input if you have music on stored files. The wireless range is 30 feet, and it has 3.5 mm connections for non-Bluetooth enabled devices. It is available in black, red, or white and it is completely wireless, which will make using electronics much easier as well.

Furthermore, our Toons Bluetooth Stereo Headset is also another good choice for wireless electronics, especially if you don’t like traditional headsets. You can place the headsets around your neck and will automatically pair up with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or other device which will allow you to stream music or calls directly.

Moreover, with this device you can listen to music without putting it on your ears, as well as use features like taking calls with call waiting, call rejection and text-to-speech conversion. It’s perfect for when you want to play sports, exercise, or any other physical activities you pursue. Our products allow for more productivity and allows you to be comfortable while doing your work as well. Some of the features include Bluetooth v3.0, and up to 15 hours talk time as well as 10 hours of music playback.

Multitasking with Bluetooth

Our “iPanda Jamz Bluetooth Stereo Headset” can help you work your device while finishing various tasks. It has an SD card reader and charging cable that will help you to power your device in several ways. This will make communicating easier, especially when you’re on the go. Life is complicated and busy, so why not make multitasking simpler? Our stereo headset is available in black, green, blue or red and is characterized with a behind-the-neck design. It also has an FM transmitter, inline microphone and a charging cable. You will be able to pick the color that suits your device, and experience firsthand how convenient our headsets are.

According to the Bluetooth website, Bluetooth technology has the ability to send information from your Personal Area Network at distances up to 100 meters. The website explains that it works in unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical bands using spread spectrums, frequency hopping, and full –duplex signals.

We, at iPanda Electronics are your source for the latest Bluetooth speakers in order to become wire-free with your electronics. Our products can be ordered online, regardless of which website you got it from. Please visit our website to search our inventory or contact us today for more information on our range of consumer products.